2080 Ti Aorus - firestrike crashing when core oc.


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Halo. Meine karte 2080 Ti Aorus . Stock boost 1695mhz.

I am currently ocing testing Fire strike gpu test 1.
Here is my settings:
Power limit max - 133%
Temp limit - 88C
Voltage - 0+
Memory - 800+

Stock boost 1695mhz. When i dont overclock core +0 ,clocks during use is 1980mhz-to 1890mhz when temps go to max 80C.
And 3dmark and games are stable.
But when i overclock core +65,clocks are 2050-1950 and stable in all games. But when i loop for 3-4 hours normal firestrike gpu test 1, it get crash after 3 hours on 1950mhz.
And my question is. Can i loop firestrike ( normal firestrike ) with no core overclock to be stable, but to play games just use oc core?
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