[Sammelthread] Wreckfest

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Gestern BeamNG viel gespielt nachm Update. Bissl in Stimmung gekommen, falls das Spiel mal so für max 15€ zu haben ist, gebe ich dem nochmal nen Versuch...


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Der Season Pass richtet sich doch nur an Spieler die das game noch suchten und für jeden weiteren Content bezahlen, egal wie groß oder klein die DLCs sind.

Bugbear hat schon vor 2 Jahren aufgehört das Spiel weiterzuentwickeln und denn Moddern das Spiel überlassen.


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Das ist doch Unsinn.

Ein Blick in die Changelogs und Update Historie reicht um das festzustellen.


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Holiday Update released!

Holiday Update released! | Bugbear Community

  • Two new tracks: Hellride & Vale Falls Circuit
  • Event voting in multiplayer
  • Player hosted public servers
  • Car customization in multiplayer lobby
  • Visualization for cars that just have been reset
  • Ragdoll can now be reset after driver was ejected
  • Support for DLC Modified Monsters Car Pack
  • Various stability & performance improvements


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Update for Rusty Rats Car Pack DLC now available!

We're pleased to announced the availability of the new exciting DLC: Rusty Rats Car Pack!

To coincide with the DLC launch, we've also taken the opportunity to update the game to the latest version on all platforms to bring forth the latest bug fixes and quality of life enhancements, including a number of critical improvements to online functionality. For full information on the latest update please check out the full release notes of the patch below.


Game version
  • Xbox:
  • PS4: 1.23
  • PC: 1.255957

  • Added support for DLC Rusty Rats Car Pack.

  • Increased robustness of the console window.
  • Server no longer crashes when "%" character is used anywhere in a message or a username.
  • All vehicles are no longer shown as "Not Eligible" for the host if "Host's Car" car restriction is set.
  • UI is now correctly handled whenever player is kicked while in the lobby sub menus.
  • AI now correctly uses the difficulty settings as set in the lobby options.
  • (XB1/PS4) Clients can no longer join a server if the owner has already quit.
  • (PC) AI difficulty can be now configured in the dedicated server settings.
  • (PC) Clients are now given more time to load the cars during the countdown, reducing lag spikes in the lobby.

  • Reset effect (car flickering) can now be enabled/disabled in the Settings, Gameplay menu.
  • On Hellride, it should be no longer possible to drive on top of the steel mesh and cause the game to glitch out.
  • On Big Valley Speedway Figure 8, it's no longer possible to cut the first lap short.
  • Track surface information is now correctly displayed for Vale Falls.
  • Added release delay to digital clutch to prevent shifting exploit (previously you could shift instantly, giving unfair advantage).
  • In derby events, AI now has better awareness of the arena boundaries, reducing the chance of it smashing blindly into barriers.
  • AI now uses Roadcutter in Class A.
  • 1st person camera angles now work correctly on Bugzilla.
  • Exhaust backfire effect now works correctly when "Big Headers" are equipped for Starbeast.
  • Improved Wardigger suspension setups.

  • Replaced the engine audio for Hornet.
  • Loudness balancing of vehicle engine audio.
  • 5.1 surround mixdown and 3D attenuations adjusted for more precise spatial positioning of ai vehicles.
  • Adjusted concrete wall collision effect asset design to match game engine implementation.

  • Fixed a rendering issue that resulted in the skidmarks flickering occasionally.
  • Fixed contact effects for large vehicles such as School Bus and Motorhome.
  • The player starting credits (10 000 CR) are now correctly awarded when launching the game for the first time.
  • Credits rewarded during an online session are no longer lost when terminating the game (instead of quitting properly) while in lobby.
  • Added guards to prevent the save data from becoming corrupt.
  • (XB1X) Resolution can be now changed in the Settings menu between Full HD and 4K.
  • (PC) The game now attempts to remove the bogus read-only flag from the save data files that caused the game not to launch.

Thanks for taking the ride with us and happy wrecking!
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