[Projekt] Case mit dem besten Airflow!!!


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ich habe das Case mit dem besten Airflow entwickelt! Und da dieses auf Unterdruck basiert sogar staubfrei!

Hier mein Facebook-Post (https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=517005980643394&id=100070019901989) dazu:
Whats is the nexus between these pictures and my gamer heart?

Airflow đŸ€Ł

Superb airflow and cooling with this case (Coolermaster Masterbox Q500L)! Why drill when you can flex your brain?

How do you play under pressure? 😁

Streetkid CyberPunk

This is my idea and I have modded my case this way since I bought it. I bought it so I can mod it this way. Ok, added the tinfoil later.

To clarify: Its a reference to this video:
Gamers Nexus – "Fixing" Another Cooler Master Case: Drilling the Q500L for Airflow
I modded the worst airflow case to the best airflow case!

I should have the best airflow! Only some small tuning required. Ask GamersNexus. They should already have measured it!

If someone sees this. I need a new gaming rig etc. I have to train again. I am a proGamer before eSports existed. I need your help. I need the help of the community! Contact Cooler Master, Gamers Nexus, SilverStone Technology, Valve and CD PROJEKT RED please!


Now everybody should know that I am a genius😁
Check out the picture descriptions!

We need secure PC's. F**k you cheaters! There are some rich spoiled kids (e.g. sheikh) out there who just say "I wanna win" and they have a team of highly competent crackers who are writing exploits and cheats for a game so they can do so...đŸ€ŠHighly sophisticated sh*t. Not that easily detectable.

F**k those mf!

Gamers Unite!

"You might not realize, but if the pen is mightier than the sword, then the microphone's stronger than a cannon."
Chief Stryper – Gulity Gear Strive:

Form follows function.
However, the content should dominate.
The CyberWarriorℱ

Form folgt der Funktion.
Der Inhalt sollte jedoch dominieren.
The CyberWarriorℱ

Primal ape the last airbender:

My game idea:

I need my billions, think what I can do for the community?


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