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Patch für Football Manager 2006 erschienen

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Sports Interactive hat für den "Football Manager 2006" einen Patch auf Version 6.0.3 in zwei Varianten bereit gestellt. Dabei kann man wählen, ob man den Patch mit aktualisierten Kadern, basierend auf dem Stand nach Abschluss der winterlichen Transfer-Periode, oder ohne möchte. Der Patch steht direkt bei Sports Interactive zum Download bereit.

Football Manager 2006 v6.0.3

This patch contains all the fixes in previous patches...plus:



- Fixed board confidence errors, sometimes board would expect higher league position when team was already top.
- Stopped Chairman from purchasing goalkeepers (Chairman Interference)
- Fixed a manager promise crash
- Stopped managers being able to release comments whilst match is in progress
- Stopped Jermaine Defoe (similar High Profile Players) from demanding really low min fee release clauses
- Fix AI for relegation wage decrease
- Restricted number of non-eu signings for certain eastern european countries
- If player is set to retire in the distant future but is without a club he will now sit on the free transfer list for a while and then bring his retirement date forward
- Tuned 'wants_first_team_football' unhapiness to make it less likely that really young players will moan about not getting first team football
- Fixed code appearing in landmark games-in-charge news items
- Fixed a memory leak when confirming your tactics during a match.
- Fixed occasional game freeze when updating abilities for some players.
- Fixed crash in some situations where certain squad selections rules combined with extreme player availability issues caused the match to crash.
- Fixed occasional problems with club finances that could cause a crash.
- Fixed a situation in tactics outside a match where it could loose your tactical changes (if you picked a preset tactic and then browse off the screen).
- Fixed problem in network games where sometimes a client going into a match would mean you get stuck and can't go anywhere.
- Restricted interest levels from fairly high profile players concerning joining smaller clubs
- Restricted foreign signings for Welsh/N Irish/Rep Irish league teams
- Fixed certain scenarios where a client viewing a match left the match, match may not send the new match syncs to other clients.
- Fixed a problem which caused some slow-down in future seasons.



- Last round of group matches in Olympics should now be played at the same time.
- Fixed Czech teams having friendlies incorrectly (too soon) scheduled during 16th - 31st Dec.
- Hong Kong cup competitions: fixed game counting Chinese players as real foreigners.
- If a club wins both the Rio de Janeiro Opening and Closing championships, this club now becomes the Rio de Janeiro State Champion regardless of which team got more points in total.
- One team is now relegated from Chinese First National Division in 2006 season.
- Slovakia: FA Cup winner should now get into UEFA Cup in 05/06 season.
- Brazilian teams can sign as many foreigners as they want.
- Sudamericano Sub-20: Fixed problem where games where being played at the stadium of one of the countries in the competition that was randomly chosen instead of stadiums within host nation.
- Sudamericano Sub-20: added correct 2005 host (Columbia), added 2007 host (Paraguay), added 2009 host (Peru).
- Fix for whereby a team that wins a cup competition and is meant to play in continental competition wasn't because they where outside the top division.
- Ensured Australian NSL clubs don't get youth players in excess of maximum squad limit.
- Improvements to Australian squad rules.
- Spain: fixed problem where non-eu player is getting picked for a match by AI despite not being registered and not having a squad number.
- Removed non-eu player restrictions in polish league.
- Brazilian based players now go on holiday.
- Fixed bug where Greek teams like AEK and Panathinaikos where playing all their champions league group matches in 2nd season at home.
- The minimum of one Malaysian national U21 player meant for Super League but was applied to FA Cup has now been removed for FA Cup.
- Malaysian players are now considered foriegn to Brunei team DPMM.
- Hong Kong players are foreign to Dongguan Lianhua.

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