Day of Defeat

Source - Update veröffentlicht

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Source - Update veröffentlicht
2 Stunden nachdem Valve die 64bit Version von Half-Life 2 und ein umfassendes Update an der Steamplattform herausgebracht hat wurde noch ein Patch für Day of Defeat:Source bereitgestellt. Hierbei handelt es sich über mehrere kleine Fixes oder Änderungen, wie z.B. neue Waffensounds für die Maschinengewehre. Die komplette Changelog ist hier zu lesen: Updates to Day of Defeat: Source have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include: * Allied Garand is now more accurate * Allied 30cal machine gun is now more accurate * Made the garand sight ring larger when in iron sights. * Moved Axis k98 rifle iron sight model away from the player slightly. * View model no longer sways in iron sight mode * Decreased the recoil on the Allied Garand when in iron sights. * Fixed bug where Allied 30cal machine gun would remove stamina when firing an empty gun * Improved weapon pickup to search in radius around crosshair * Fixed prediction bug where players would get stuck together * Added an end of round statistics panel to highlight the most valuable contributors to the winning team. * Increased footstep volume * Updated firing sounds for both Allied and Axis machine guns. * Game now uploads a stats blob to steam on level change or shutdown. Contains info about scoring, weapon and class performance and server settings. We'll be creating a web page for the community to view these stats soon. (These are not statistics about individual players, just aggregate across the entire Day of Defeat Source community.) * Added life id to damage record in console * Fixed bug that would produce '0 damage in x hits' in damage record * Added cvar "hud_takesshots" - Setting this to 1 will take a screen shot at the end of the game with the scoreboard included. * Updated the death notice hud element * Fixed logging error where player index was used instead of userid for cap and block messages * Winning and losing teams can now chat during the bonus round * no longer show (dead) prefix during this period. * Fixed bug where last character of a players name would be cut off. * Added defense icon to death notice defense event instead of "Defended" text * Fixed bug where you could jump while in the process of going prone * Fixed animation bug when an assault player dropped his primary weapon and didn't have a pistol or grenades. * Force exact file consistency on smoke grenade materials and weapon scripts * Optimizations to lag compensation * Added voice command variations * Optimizations to debris physboxes
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