ASUS reagiert auf die Vorwürfe von Gigabyte

ASUS reagiert auf die Vorwürfe von Gigabyte
Vor einigen Tagen erhob Gigabyte schwere Vorwürfe gegenüber ASUS und deren Intel 915P und 925X Mainboards. Gigabyte bezichtige ASUS einige Einstellungen vorgenommen zu haben, die die Performance positiv beeinflussen und das Board somit deutlich schneller als die Konkurrenz machen. ASUS hat dies aber nun in einer Pressemitteilung nicht bestritten, sondern daraus ein neues Features gemacht. Nun sind im BIOS verschiedene PEG Link Modi verfügbar. Per Default steht der PEG Link auf Auto, kann aber durch den Anwender auf Slow, Normal, Fast und Faster eingestellt werden. In [url=]unserem Test des ASUS-Mainboards[/url] konnte man genau diesen Umstand auch feststellen - das hier der Grafikbus übertaktet wird, war uns allerdings nicht bewusst. [center][img][/img][/center]


ASUS, the worldwide leader of motherboards, today announced an exclusive innovation for graphics performance enhancement on its 915P- and 925X-based motherboards. This latest technology, PEG (PCI Express Graphics) Link Mode, is a unique feature that enables users to boost graphics card performance for superior video quality.

ASUS introduced the P5AD2 Premium and P5GD2 Premium motherboards, which have received unparalleled testing reviews from world-renowned IT media including Many competitors marveled at how the two new ASUS motherboards achieved such excellent results. Let's take this opportunity to take a look at several exclusive features that made ASUS the number 1 choice among overclockers over the years.

The CPU, memory and graphics support are the three most important factors in determining system performance. With superior engineering, ASUS motherboards incorporated a wide range of innovations to unleash the true potential of the three main components mentioned above.

The best graphics
Let's begin with PEG Link Mode, which has received a lot of interest recently. This feature, found only on ASUS 915P- and 925X-based motherboards, allows users to raise GPU and VGA memory throughput via the motherboard BIOS the same way system bus and memory bus are tweaked. PEG Link Mode enables powerful video performance on DX8 and DX9 applications. ASUS engineers carefully fine-tuned the parameters for every single PCI-Express card to provide system stability during high-speed graphics operation.

Under PEG Link, there are five settings for this unique function: Auto, Slow, Normal, Fast and Faster. The default setting is Auto, which means the motherboard will automatically adjust for the correct frequency according to system configuration. For advanced users who demand more precise overclocking, they can select the other four settings to achieve the most suitable graphics card performance.

Tap into the real power of CPU and memory
ASUS motherboards offer several innovations to raise the performance of the CPU and memory as well.

Breaking limitation of 915/925
The ASUS P5AD2 Premium and P5GD2 Premium are the most overclockable 915P/925X motherboards. They enable FSB overclocking up to 278MHz while others can't even break the 12% limitation of 224MHz. (Please refer to AnandTech's review

Hyper Path 2
It shortens the latency between the CPU and memory, enhancing memory performance by another 2%. It can work simultaneously with PAT (Performance Acceleration Technology) of the Intel 925X chipset.

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