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  9. MSI K8N Diamond Plus mit Audigy 2 Onboard-Sound

MSI K8N Diamond Plus mit Audigy 2 Onboard-Sound

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[url=http://www.msi-computer.de]MSI[/url] hat sein MSI K8N Diamond Plus mit NVIDIA nForce 4 SLI X16 Chipsatz vorgestellt. Es bietet neben der Unterstützung für alle Sockel 939 Prozessoren noch zwei PCI-Express x16 Steckplätze, die dank des neuen Chipsatzes mit vollen 16 Lanes angebunden sind. Hinzu kommen noch 1x PCI-Express x2, 2x PCI-Express x1, Serial-ATA II mit RAID 0, 1, 0+1 Unterstützung und Dual Gigabit LAN. Eine Besonderheit ist natürlich der Onboard-Sound bestehend aus einem Sound Blaster Audigy SE Chip. Auch MSI setzt wie ASUS oder Abit auf eine spezielle Heat-Pipe Kühlung, wenngleich MSI hier nicht passiv kühlt. Über die Verfügbarkeit oder den Preis ist bisher noch nichts bekannt.

You might be a bit confused with the SLI switch, but this is not going to be a problem with the K8N Diamond Plus ! The new K8N Diamond Plus which is based on the latest nForce4 SLI X16 chipset will release an all-time high speed performance to you!

The Birth of Top Overclocking Platform

Getting a MSI Diamond Series Motherboards is equal to a passport to top performance! Based on the good mark of overclock performance of K8N Diamond, K8N Diamond Plus has enhanced tweak and overclock performance, promising enthusiasts the most control; enthusiast can choose the CPU and memory module which is out of performance. With the powerful and stable overclock listing from K8N Diamond Plus, the top performance of new generation SLI X16 has been achieved!

Unique Thermal Solution Between NB & SB

The new K8N Diamond Plus is based on the latest nForce4 SLI X16 chipset that is ready for two full-bandwidth 16-lane PCI Express links, which ensure maximum graphics performance. On the other hand, users will not have to worry about system stability, because the K8N Diamond Plus has a specific heatpipe thermal design on the chipset which brings high performance graphics on light structure to all enthusiasts.

In order to be compatible to most of VGA's thermal design, and develop thermal efficiency on SLI mode, K8N Diamond Plus expands the distance between 2 PCIe x16 slots to ensure the installation of VGA cards and thermal effect.

Enjoy Extreme Listening Experience

Last time MSI introduced the Sound Blaster Live! On K8N Diamond; now, we bring you extreme listening experience from the upgraded Sound Blaster Audigy SE ! Through high level 24-bit/192kHz sampling, 106dB S/N ratio, and EAX ADVANCED HD audio technology, K8N Diamond Plus gives fidelity and surround sound effect to all gamers!

Ample Connectivity and Expansion Options

The K8N Diamond Plus features a wide range of connectivity options for freedom and flexibility. Besides the PCIe x16 and x1, K8N Diamond Plus provides additional PCIe x2 and 2 PCI v2.3 slots. (Including a Communication Slot ) It comes with 4 SATA II ports to offer independent 3Gbps high-speed bandwidth, supports RAID 0, 1, 0+1, 5, and 2 ATA133 ch ann els so you can connect up to 4 IDE drives. It also offers 8 USB 2.0 High-Speed ports to connect digital devices and Gigabit LAN to connect to the Internet. The new K8N Diamond Plus is an absolute platform that can manage even the most complex applications.

D.O.T. 3 on K8 Platform

The new K8N Diamond Plus will not be complete without MSI's unique CoreCell technology which is the first to implement the popular D.O.T. 3. The CoreCell monitors the whole system to fine-tune the voltage and fan speed, and at the same time auto-downloads the latest BIOS and drivers through Live Update 3, so that all K8N Diamond Plus users can enjoy a stable and high-performance platform.

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