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EPoX erweitert LGA775 Mainboardserie

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[url=http://www.epox.com.tw]EPoX[/url] hat zwei weitere Modelle seiner LGA775 Mainboardserie für alle Intel Pentium 4 LGA775 Prozessoren vorgestellt.

EPoX, the worldwide leader in motherboards, today announced the availability of their EP-5PDAJ and EP-5PLAI motherboards, offering a complete range of features dedicated to satisfying all computing needs. These two motherboards are optimized to support the Intel LGA775 Pentium 4 platform with higher FSB's, 64-bit Technology, greater bandwidth and better cooling solutions.

Zu den Preisen oder der Verfügbarkeit gibt es noch keine Informationen.[center][img]http://www.hardwareluxx.de/andreas/News/EPoX_EP-5PDAJ.jpg[/img][/center]



The EP-5PDAJ is powered by the popular 865PE and ICH5 chipset. It is designed to provide the highest performance and the most scalable chipset solution for Intel Pentium 4 LGA 775 and future Prescott processors. With new 90nm technology, the world¡¦s most advanced chip-making process, it delivers significant gains in performance through the combinations of low-power transistors, strained silicon, high-speed copper interconnects and a new low-k dielectric material.

The EP-5PDAJ comes fully loaded with several features. Gigabit LAN is integrated to provide faster networking access and optimized network throughput & platform performance. Two Serial ATA interfaces are leveraged to offer superior I/O performance and to keep pace with increasing data intensive applications such as audio/video and consumer electronics product to computer integration. An on-board 6-channel AC'97 CODEC brings incredible sound quality especially with its Quick SPDIF Connector that enables users to enjoy high quality audio digitally. The dual-channel DDR 400 memory architecture also doubles the available memory bandwidth over conventional memory controllers.
This platform definitely delivers exceptional performance and solid stability whilst incorporating innovative features and value.


The new EP-5PLAI is designed for value minded users to experience the power of 800 MHz FSB Intel LGA 775 Pentium 4 processors with Hyper-Treading Technology. Based on the Intel 848P, the sister chipset of 865PE, EP-5PLAI delivers excellent performance and functionality to suffice the desire of all mainstream users.

The brand-new motherboard is furnished with high-speed LAN, USB2.0 technology, and 6-channel audio for convenient network, device and multimedia connectivity respectively. Moreover, the new revolutionary Serial ATA interface is integrated to provide optimized date I/O performance. The EP-5PLAI is the definitive choice for those who want to experience the latest Intel Pentium 4 LGA775 processor with a cost-effective solution.

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