nFoce3 250 Gb Opteron Mainboard

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nFoce3 250 Gb Opteron Mainboard
Wie erwartet tauchen jetzt auch die ersten Opteron Server-Mainboads mit nForce3 250 Gb Chipsatz auf. [url=]Iwill[/url] zeigt mit dem DK8N ein erstes Dual Opteron Mainboard mit Dual Channel DDR400/333 Unterstützung. Bis zu 16 GB RAM werden unterstützt. Hinzu kommt noch AGP 8fach, PCI-X-Steckplätze über einen seperaten PCI-X-Controller, Gigabit Ethernet, NVRAID (2x Serial-ATA + 2x IDE), Silicon Image Serial-ATA Controller (4x Serial-ATA mit RAID 0, 1, 0+1), 2x IEEE-1394, 8x USB2.0 und 6 Channel Audio. Über den Erscheinungstermin oder den Preis gibt es noch keine Informationen.[center][img][/img][/center]

IWILL proudly announce another “The World’s First”, the world’s first NVIDIA nForce3 based DP workstation platform, DK8N, for high-end professional workstation solutions.

IWILL has established many “world’s first” record in the computer history, such as the first to integrate SCSI to motherboards, the first to integrate IDE RAID to motherboards, and the first to delivered DDR motherboards. DK8N is another milestone set by IWILL and has shown her profession in developing the extreme workstation platform for professional users.

Powered by the NVIDIA nForce3 Pro 250 and AMD 8131, IWILL DK8N supports Dual AMD Opteron, high-speed DDR 400 memories, and broad bandwidth PCI-X controller cards. It is also the first AMD Opteron based platform running at 1GHz Hypertransport which maximizes the data transfer rate. With the 64bit technology design, DK8N has the ability to support maximum memory capacity of 16GB, and provide fastest computing power. Most important of all, DK8N has the unique ability to enhance NVIDIA Quadro graphic card performance which is an enormous benefit for graphic intensive and professional users.

There are two special features of DK8N which is exclusive from nForce3 Pro 250, the marvelous networking features and the NVRAID. The gigabit Ethernet feature on DK8N not only has the fastest transfer rate, but also provides the security options and the TOE. The Ethernet controller features: firewall technology, anti-hacker, anti-spoofing, and anti-ARP caching which, together, provides a tremendous networking security function. As TOE, TCP/IP Offload Ethernet, allows DK8N to successfully offload the CPU task and increase the system performance. It offloads the CPU from the work required to segment a large buffer into packets that fit within the network. NVRAID is a unique feature on DK8N which allows “cross-controller RAID”. Users can easily setup the RAID over SATA and IDE disks within a single disk array, via a user friendly interface provide by NVIDIA.

DK8N has included all the latest features that professionals need as a high-end workstation motherboard.
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