MSI mit nForce3 250Gb Mainboard - K8N Neo Platinum

MSI mit nForce3 250Gb Mainboard - K8N Neo Platinum
Mit dem K8N Neo Platinum hat [url=]MSI[/url] sein erstes Sockel 754 Mainboard für AMD Athlon 64 vorgestellt, welches auf dem nVidia nForce3 250 Gb beruht. Zu den Features zählen nVidia Gigabit LAN, NV RAID 0, 1, 0+1, 4x Serial-ATA und ein spezieller Communication Slot für IEEE802.11g und Bluetooth. Natürlich werden vom K8N Neo Platinum auch die üblichen AMD Technologien wie HyperTransport und Cool&Quite unterstützt. Der CoreCell Chip erlaubt es dem User bequem in der Windows Oberfläche alle Spannungs- und Frequenzeinstellungen vorzunehmen. Zum Erscheinungstermin oder Preis gibt es bisher keinerlei Informationen.[center][img][/img][/center]


  • ATX form-factor
  • NVIDIA nForce3 250Gb chipset
  • 6x DDR266/333/400 sockets, 3 of them support up to 3GB DDR SDRAM
  • AGP 8x, 5x PCI slots
  • Software NV RAID: up to 4x SATA + 2x ATA133 HDDs, RAID 0, 1, 0+1, JBOD (or 4x SATA + IDE RAID 0,1,0+1 in FIS2R model; 2x SATA + IDE RAID 0,1,0+1 in FSR model)
  • 8x USB
  • Gigabit Ethernet IEEE 802.3 NVIDIA MAC (1000BASE-T/Gigabit/Fast Ethernet/Ethernet) + 10/100 Ethernet
  • 3x IEEE1394
  • 5.1-channel AC'97, digital SPDIF-out
  • Optional antenna-equipped Dual-Net card supporting 802.11g/Bluetooth in Communication Slot
  • CoreCell, D.O.T (Dynamic Overclocking Technology), Meta I/O, BuzzFree, LifePro, CoreCenter, Live Update, etc.

    Aim to provide outstanding motherboard performance; MSI has developed K8N Neo Platinum based on NVIDIA nForce3 250Gb chipset supporting AMD Athlon 64-bit processors. This motherboard also supports NVIDIA Gigabit LAN, NV RAID 0, 1, 0+1 and 4 Serial ATA ports.

    Platinum Series represents the highest quality in MSI flagship motherboards. To qualify for this glorious series name, a platinum motherboard must be fully loaded and has been validated with the strictest standard of compatibility.

    MSI K8N Neo Platinum is the top end solution for socket 754 platform. The new Nforce3 250Gb chipset boasts many powerful and superb features including an 800MHz HyperTransport Bus Link which helps reduce I/O bottlenecks and increase system memory access . K8N Neo Platinum is truly an attractive motherboard for Athlon 64 enthusiasts.

    In addition, this motherboard includes a series of full-featured applications which exceed the basic onboard communication functions. With MSI Wireless LAN card, you can configure your PC as an access point and gateway for internet sharing.

    MSI also integrated more exclusive technologies onboard, including CoreCell chip, D.O.T (Dynamic Overclocking Technology), Meta I/O and the new Communication Slot.

    The Communication Slot is an optimized and extended version of the basic PCI specification to provide ultimate interface for PCI network cards. MSI develops proprietary Dual-Net card exclusively for communication slot(s) which combine 802.11g wireless networking with Bluetooth technology. This add-on card with antenna offers convenient connection to most wireless devices.

    For the communication slot, MSI has developed a new user interface called DigiCell, which helps users' start-up the access point and gateway in just two clicks. Only two steps away from turning your MSI motherboard into a Digital Home Center.

    Unless you have extra dollars to spare, MSI's Wireless LAN card is tailored for the budget-minded consumer. It eliminates the cost of physical access point and IP sharing device. You can actually upgrade your PC system into a home server or digital entertainment for your family to enjoy.

    Installed with MSI wireless networking card, user can save the cost of physical access point and IP sharing device. Your PC system could be upgraded as home server or digital entertainment server in family.

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