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XFX stellt NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX 512 vor

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Als einer der ersten Hersteller hat [url=www.xfxforce.co.uk]XFX[/url] sein NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX 512 Modell vorgestellt. Die XFX GeForce 7800 GTX XXX Edition arbeitet mit leicht erhöhten Taktraten gegenüber dem Referenzmodell. So liegt der GPU Takt bei 580 MHz und der Speicher-Takt bei 1.730 MHz. Die Karte ist bereits bei einigen Shops zu einem Preis von knapp über 650 Euro gelistet.

After sending XFX’s gaming hero, ‘Outlaw’, to the right plastic surgeon, it took him about a week to recover from the operations and adjustments. But the results are astonishing. Not just his new face, but also his new body holds such aggressive power that it needed to be packed in a brand new harness. Unleashing the new graphics weapon will show you the true power of the GeForce 7800 GTX series, slapping around all the other technologies like flies. The new GoG [God of Gaming] will listen to the name XFX GeForce 7800 GTX XXX Edition with 512MB DDR3 memory.

Durch Klick auf das Bild gelangt man zu einer vergrößerten Ansicht

In the standard model you will find the GPU running on a rate of 550 MHz and memory on 1.70 GHz. And this is not all… The new revelation in graphics, the XXX [Say: "Triple X"] Edition will again inject some additional "anabolic-power-steroids" into the pumped-up body and will boost itself to the unrivaled heights of 580 MHz [GPU] and 1.73 GHz [Samsung 1.1 nanosecond Memory]! Just wait for the first Benchmarks to come out and you’ll have difficulties staying seated in your chair.

"This product will be the absolute "King" in graphics starting from today. It slashes the entire performance listing as we know it and it is expected to be adopted by the Pro-User and Pro-Gamer easily as it is the unrivalled "Power-winner" of the holiday season. The 512MB range will exist of two models, standard and XXX Edition and the last one is the true crown on all the latest releases we have done, all being overclocked and providing extra value for money to the consumer", according to Cy Brown, VP of sales for XFX in Europe.

Looking into to free bundle included in the well-known juicy X-shape, a warning must be mentioned. The new owner of this new best-in-class product needs to know in advance that using this new product exposes him or her to the following threats:

Class D1 | Immediate Side Effects like Excitement and Amazement;
Class E | Addicting gaming virus;
Class F | Dangerously Reactive Material;
Class R | Materials causing Extended Game-play;

But seriously, the surprising bundle is refreshing. On the software side we start with the unique AI driver [checking the configurations and selecting the best driver based on those criteria] making the installation of this board become childishly easy. For the more power freaks, we have included the coolbits overclocking software* even though with such power, it is doubtful if the performance will really improve! From our friends at Tenomichi, the video editing suite "3D EDIT" [worth 64 €] has been included. It enables the "home video-editor" to take full control over his digital videos using the full power of the GPU, utilizing real-time rendering [yes… real-time!] on a ‘normal’ desktop PC. And all this comes inside a smashing XFX skin.

The hardware bundle makes sure the best performance comes out of those ports. An s-video cable comes together with two DVI cables AND two DVI>VGA converters for those dudes who stay with the CRT screens.

All in all an absolute TOP….., no an eXtreme-eXtreme-eXtreme [XXX] product which will be exposed in its unique XFX packaging as from NOW. No paper releases… It is available in stores now! Challenge yourself to be that ultimate GoG, and get yourself to the store. Be the first on the block with this weapon and do not give the competition any chance to overcome your power! The standard [reference] will be available from 649 euros incl VAT in e-tail.

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