HyperTransport 3.0 vorgestellt

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Das [url=http://www.hypertransport.org]HyperTransport[/url] Konsortium hat heute die Spezifikationen von HyperTransport 3.0 vorgestellt. Der HyperTransport Link arbeitet nun mit einer Taktrate von 2,60 GHz und kann theoretisch 20,8 GB pro Sekunde und Richtung übertragen. In beide Richtungen ergibt sich so eine Bandbreite von 41,6 GB pro Sekunde.

HyperTransport™ Technology Consortium, a standards
organization dedicated to developing the industry’s lowest latency, highest bandwidth interconnect technology, today released version 3.0 of the HyperTransport specification. The new standard nearly doubles the bandwidth and speed of the previous HyperTransport 2.0 specification. In addition, HyperTransport 3.0 supports a variety of new features including AC coupling mode, hot plugging, un-ganging mode and dynamic power management for the support of extended signal transmission distance, typical of backplane and chassis-to-chassis implementations.

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Durch Klick auf das Bild gelangt man zu einer vergrößerten Ansicht

Changelog zu HyperTransport 2.0:

AC mode (Optional):
An innovative AC interconnect mode complements HyperTransport’s traditional DC mode, featuring capacitor coupling, AC/DC auto-sensing and auto-configuring capabilities. The feature extends HyperTransport’s maximum signal transmission distance to 1 meter at maximum specified clock speed with no signal transmission or performance degradation. As a result, the HyperTransport standard can now support long-haul signal transmission typical of backplane and chassis-to-chassis applications. During power-up and in total transparency to system software, HyperTransport 3.0 auto-senses the presence of coupling capacitors (AC) and/or direct connections (DC) within the HyperTransport interconnect fabric and automatically configures each portion of it accordingly.

Hot plugging
HyperTransport technology-enabled devices can be added to or removed from the HyperTransport fabric without disrupting system operations. HyperTransport cards, systems and subsystems can therefore be deployed in backplane and any mission-critical platforms requiring high system availability.

Un-ganging mode (Optional)
During system power-up and transparently to system software, 1x16 HyperTransport links can optionally be configured as 2x8 virtual links. This gives system architects extended interconnect flexibility and the ability to fully leverage existing HyperTransport components and cores. Un-ganging mode is particularly valuable in multiprocessor and symmetric multiprocessing environments.

Power Management Mode
HyperTransport 3.0 carries dynamic, auto-sensing, hardwarebased, self-configuring power management capabilities that give end products the intelligence to best optimize the power consumption of each of their HyperTransport components and modules in real-time and transparently to operating system (OS) and application software.