MSI präsentiert ATI X800 Pro Karte

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Heute hat [url=]MSI[/url] seine ATI Radeon X800 Pro Karte mit der Bezeichnung MSI Radeon RX800 PRO vorgestellt. Die GPU taktet mit 475 MHz, die 256 MB GDDR3 Speicher laufen bei 900 MHz und sind mit 256Bit angebunden. Auf entsprechende Endgeräte werden die Video-Signale per 15Pin D-Sub, S-Video und DVI-I gebracht. Ausgeliefert wird die Karte mit den Spielen Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow und Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Die Karte, die mit 12 Pixelpipelines ausgestattet ist, wird MSIs Line-Up der ATI-Karten eröffnen, denn bislang war man nur mit NVIDIA-Karten im Grafikkartengeschäft vertreten.


The most advanced 12-pipeline architecture design to perform the unprecendted DirectX9.0 gaming power

MSI ignites the cinematic computing revolution with the introduction of the 12-pipeline monster of the ATI® Radeon family- RX 800 PRO graphic card with DDR3 Ultra Speed memory clock up to 900MHz. Powered by the latest ATI® SMARTSHADER™ HD engine with the industry's only 3Dc™ mapping precision processing-MSI RX 800 PRO Series graphic card take cinematic quality special effects to new levels!!!

New Gaming Era: High Definition Gaming
The RX800 PRO series is the world's fastest and most powerful VPU*, setting a new standard in graphics performance and visual realism. With up to 12 pipelines, higher clock speeds and breakthrough image enhancement technology, the RX800 PRO series ushers in a whole new gaming category called High-Definition Gaming.

3Dc™ --- High Quality Map Compression
New and revolutionary 3Dc™ image enhancement technology brings characters to life and scenery to greater realism by enabling significant improvements to the image
detail of character art with increased performance and lower memory usage. 3Dc™ is slated to become the industry standard to support more complex high definition visual effects in real time.

SMARTSHADER™ HD--- True to Life 3D Animation
The MSI RX800 PRO series features SMARTSHADER™ HD, the most advanced pixel shader engine with up to 12 parallel pixel pipelines capable of over 8 gigapixels/second fill rate in full precision! With six programmable vertex shader pipelines, capable of over 750 million vertices per second and an overall capability of over 200 billion floating point operations per second (GigaFLOPS), the RX800 PRO series delivers the most beautifully rendered high-definition 3D animation for the ultimate in intense, interactive game play.

The MSI RX800 PRO series gives you more than just a great gaming experience. It also has sophisticated video processing, filtering and acceleration features
that make multimedia applications more efficient, inspiring and fun. With VIDEOSHADER™ HD, the RX800 PRO takes advantage of its advanced shader processing engine for user programmable video effects, video quality enhancement, and encoding and decoding of many video standards, including MPEG1/2/4, Real Media, DivX and WMV9.

MSI RX800 PRO Exclusive Bundle
MSI RX800 PRO Series exclusively bundle the hottest game of the year- Prince of Persia: Sands of Time for the gamers in the world.