MSI stellt zwei neue externe DVD-Brenner vor

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[url=]MSI[/url] hat zwei neue externe DVD-Brenner vorgestellt. Es handelt sich dabei zum einen um das Modell MSI DRE8, einen 5.25 Zoll DVD-Brenner und zum anderen um den MSI XS24, ein Slim-Line Laufwerk für den mobilen Bereich.

Together with DRE8 and XS24 is one of MSIs unique features V Live Update™ 3, a viable application for updating the latest firmware through the Internet. The MSI Live Update™ 3 assures the drive media compatibility and enhances the drive performance and stability, keeping your drive in its most favorable operating condition.To meet the mobility requirement of notebook users, MSI introduces the DRE8 external DVD Dual Writer and XS24 external slim combo writer especially for these users. With DRE8s powerful specifications, it allows users to work with 8 different formats and speeds - DVD+R writing speed at 8x, DVD+RW rewriting speed at 4x, DVD-R writing speed at 8x, DVD-RW rewriting speed at 4x, DVD-ROM reading speed at 16x, CD-R writing speed at 40x, CD-RW rewriting speed at 24x, and CD-ROM reading speed at 48x. Its also a DVD Dual writer supporting both DVD+R/+RW and DVD-R/-RW discs in just one drive. Thus, the DRE8 saves the user the trouble of choosing between two discs. The DRE8 features the ABS technology which can absorb shock and reduce vibrations to make reading and writing of discs more accurate. It also works on silent mode powered by SoftBurn™ which means less noise whenever the drive operates. Moreover, DRE8 is designed with USB 2.0 high-speed data transmission that will surely fulfill the demands of those who want portable recording function.

And for those who want a slim drive for easy data access and archiving, the XS24 is a smart solution. Because of its super thin measurement of 18.5mm, it can easily fit into a bag and be carried. The XS24 is a combo type drive that can work at 24x CD-R writing, 24x CD-RW rewriting, 24x CD-ROM reading and 8x DVD-ROM reading. It also features the ABS technology and SoftBurn™ that perfects your data access and reduces noise for quiet operation respectively. The embedded high-speed USB 2.0 chip enhances the data transmission between the drive and the notebook.