Corsair präsentiert 667 MHz DDR2 Speicher

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[url=]Corsair[/url] hat heute seine XMS2 5300 DDR2 Module mit einem Takt von 667 MHz vorgestellt. Diese laufen mit Timings von 4-4-4-12, die JEDEC Konventionen sehen für DDR2 Module mit 667 MHz Timings von 4-4-4-15 vor, wir haben auch schon einige Dokumente gesehen, die DDR2-667 nur mit einer CL5-Latenzzeit zeigen. Die Module sind als Dual-Channel Kit TWIN2X1024-5300C4 mit 1024 MB und TWIN2X512-5300C4 mit 512 MB oder auch in einzelnen Modulen CM2X512-5300C4 und CM2X256-5300C4 mit 512 bzw. 256 MB verfügbar. Der Speicher soll bereits bei einigen Händler weltweit erhältlich sein. Über den Preis schweigt sich Corsair allerdings aus.


Corsair Memory, Inc., a global leader in ultra-performance DDR memory modules for PC gamers and enthusiasts, today announced new XMS2 5300 speed modules at low latencies. Today Corsair introduced four new products in this family of ultra-fast modules. These memory modules offer the incredibly fast speeds of DDR2 5300 and the low latencies of 4-4-4-12.

These come in several density options as well as in matched pairs. Developed specifically for Alderwood and Grantsdale DDR2 platforms, these products range from 256MB to 1GB. These products are based on the new DDR2 technology which increases the memory bandwidth available for memory intensive applications. JEDEC standard latencies at 667 MHz are 5-5-5-15, but Corsair’s 5300C4 modules are rated at 4-4-4-12 to deliver exceptional performance.

DDR2, the second generation of Double Data Rate memory technology, includes new features such as a larger 4-bit prefetch and programmable on-die termination (ODT) to reduce signal bounce and improve reliability at high speeds. This new specification also utilizes 240 pins.

According to Joe James, Corsair Marketing Director, "the DDR2 5300C4 modules are extremely fast and are a must-have for all gamers."

The DDR2 5300 product line currently includes the following products:

TWIN2X1024-5300C4: matched pair of two 512MB 5300C4 modules

TWIN2X512-5300C4: matched pair of two 256MB 5300C4 modules

CM2X512-5300C4: 512MB 5300C4 module

CM2X256-5300C4: 256MB 5300C4 module

All of these DDR2 5300 modules and TWINX pairs are available immediately from resellers world-wide.