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iRiver präsentiert Craft 2 iFP-700 & 800 Serie

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[url=http://www.iriver.com]iRiver[/url] hat seine MP3-Player Serie um einige Modelle der Serie iFP-700 und 800 Serie erweitert.

The Craft 2 supports USB 2.0 ports, blowing away all other MP3 players in terms of file transfer speed. Its blinding 14.4Mbps means that users are no longer required to endure the frustration and tedium associated to transfers with USB 1.1 ports. The Craft 2 boasts a transfer speed exceeding 3 to 4 times that of comparable players.

The most important function of all portable devices, especially MP3 players, is the length of operation. Its extremely efficient electrical structure permits up to 40 continuous hours of playing time from just one AA alkaline battery. An average use of 3 to 4 hours a day translates into more than 10 days of use without having to worry about changing batteries.
In response to your requests for a clock function, this new model now has a digital clock function built in, with the ability to record FM tuner broadcasts even while powered off. Through this innovative addition not only is it possible to record educational programs by timer but the player can also serve as an alarm clock in the morning to the music of your choosing.

Existing iriver models have already presented output levels exceeding its peer products, but yet another upgrade to a level of 18mW will clearly make your listening time with the Craft 2 more intense and passionate.
We have worked very hard for a higher output level to make your listening experience emotionally richer than ever.

As a successor to the iFP-300 model and the latest to pioneer the flash memory lineage, the Craft 2 has been created in the shape of a prism with state-of-the-art deco plating. The LCD display face has been covered with this deco plating giving it a smooth and balanced finish, inducing a sense of serenity through mature and cultivated designs.

iriver's 5-direction jog button and the standard 3 buttons have almost become the industry norm as they are being liberally applied to peer products. By minimizing the range of motion required for operating the Craft 2, compared to preceding models, handling ease has been maximized.
Furthermore, not only has the Craft 2 been aesthetically and ergonomically enhanced but tougher quality-control standards have called for an even more durable LCD.

Xtreme EQ and 3D Sound jointly developed by iriver and Philips has already received excessive praise from music lovers the world over. In addition to the increased output featured in iFP-700, Xtreme EQ and 3D sound is sure to make your listening experience unquestionably rich and stable. Distortion from the original sound has further been minimized as part of iriver's relentless drive to replicate the true original sound.

Firmware upgrades have been more or less a myth for MP3 players, but they are an everyday reality at iriver. For those of you who are still unfamiliar with the company¡¯s firmware upgrades, iriver has continuously released them, making its software the most stable and up-to-date in the market.

Unparalleled functional superiority is merely a given for all iriver products. By supporting MP3, WMA, ASF, OGG (up to 225kbps), iriver enables you to customize your devices to their every requirement and whim, much like a PC. As multi-codec players, iriver supports MP3 playback, FM tuner playback and recording, voice recording.

For times when even the smallest of sounds are valuable, the Craft 2 provides extremely high quality recording capabilities. With Sound Activity Detector (SAD), which only records upon the detection of sound, users can record even more for longer periods of time. In addition, the AGC function allows users to record sounds that are farther away in the desired sound quality that is sure to surprise any voice recording specialist.




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