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Epox präsentiert nForce3 250 GB Board

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[url=http://www.epox.com]Epox[/url] hat mit dem EP-8KDA3+ sein erstes nVidia nForce3 250 GB Mainboard vorgestellt. Das Board unterstützt alle Sockel 754 AMD Athlon 64 Prozessoren. Des Weiteren bietet das Board 1x AGP 8fach, 6x PCI, 2x ATA-133, 2x Serial-ATA, nVRAID für P-ATA und S-ATA, 4x extra Seria-ATA (Silicon Image Sil-3114 Controller) mit RAID 0,1 und 10 Unterstützung, 3x DIMM für bis zu 3 GB DDR333/400, 8x USB 2.0, 8 Channel Audio (Realtek ALC850), Gigabit Ethernet (mit nVidia Hardware-Firewall) und Onboard P80P diagnostics LED. Über den Preis oder die Verfügbarkeit gibt es noch keine Informationen.[center][img]http://fsai.fh-trier.de/~schillia/EP_8KDA3.bmp[/img][/center]

Specifications for EP-8KDA3+ / EP-8KDA3J:

  • For Socket-754 based AMD Athlon 64 processors
  • nVidia nForce3 250GB Host Controller
  • 1 Floppy drive controller - 2 serial ports - 1 parallel port
  • AGP 8x for 1.5v graphics cards, 6 PCI slots
  • 2 standard IDE ports for ATA-133, backwards compatible with ATA-100/66
  • 2 S-ATA ports from onboard nVidia host controller with RAID
  • nVRAID for combined P-ATA and S-ATA RAID
  • 4 extra S-ATA ports from Silicon Image Sil-3114 controller with RAID 0,1,and 10
    (only on 8KDA3+)
  • 3 DDR SDRAM banks for Maximum 3 GB memory DDR333/400
  • 4 USB 2.0 ports, 4 extra by optional USB back-panel cables
  • Multiphase power solution for increased stability, including 12v supply adaptation for CPU
    8 channel Onboard sound from Realtek ALC850 Audio with Digital SPDIF and Automatic Jack Sensing feature (8KDA3+ adds optical output)
  • On-chip Gigabit Ethernet 1000Mbps providing faster throughput than standard PCI Gigabit chips
  • Hardware Firewall for internet protection against hackers
  • Onboard P80P diagnostics LED
  • Standard ATX format 305mm x 245mm x 40mm, ATX Size

    [April 13, 2004, Taipei]—Following their great success in integrating NVidia NForce 2 chipset solutions for Socket A type AMD mainboards and unrivalled performance to stability characteristics, EPoX Computer is proud to announce their first foray into NVidia’s NF3 250 line of chipsets enabling them to offer performance and functionality in both 32 and 64bit environments with unified driver architectures for all current operating systems. Such developments herald a new way of thinking and many new advancements in mainboard design that EPoX has harnessed fully with their NF3 250Gb product, the EP-8KDA3+.

    Using the NF3 250Gb multimedia chipset, the EP-8KDA3+ offers not only the usual features offered by most mainboard chipsets but also many others that are a fundamental milestone in mainboard integration and evolution. Encompassing the following features, the EP-8KDA3+ is allied to the needs of enthusiasts and power business users alike :-

    Harnessing all of this functionality along with the unprecedented power of the Athlon 64 processor, the NForce 3 250Gb single chip architecture solution and the EP-8KDA3+ in particular are set to be yet another example of EPoX’s high stability, high performance, very high overclocking products.

    With the addition of Network Access Manager and a direct cpu to network device interface through NVidia’s trademark Streamthru™ technology, network performance is un-paralleled by any PCI devices. Unlike PCI based solutions, the NV-Mac within NF3-250GB does not saturate the small amount of dedicated bandwidth available within the PCI bus; instead the technology is able to use hypertransport to directly communicate with the CPU and hosted physical layer directly.
    An eight channel audio codec with support from NVidia’s system mixer utility and full SPDIF output by coaxial and optical output ensures the user will have a most immersive audio experience with possibilities to directly attach to digital receivers or speakers without the need for any other hardware. Truly amazing digital audio now negates the need for third party sound cards – reducing driver installation / update problems and sound card compatibility problems that have previously plagued system builders.

    nvRAID, a driver based soft-raid solution for SATA & PATA RAID device control enables users to control IDE RAID functionality. As part of NVidia’s complete unified and natively chipset hosted software solution, the whole system has a central control element feeling rather than being an amalgam of other various device drivers pertaining to the devices of many various vendors for many various applications.

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